Centerra Master Planned Community – Pfeiff Open Space & Park Design


St. John Place & Emerald St., Centerra Master Planned Community, Millennium Subdivision, Loveland, CO


McWhinny Real Estate Investment & Development Company as a sub-consultant to CWC Consulting Group


Planning and entitlement completed Winter 2020; construction underway by Journey Homes

Services Provided:

Landscape & irrigation design
Park & amenity design

Project Overview:

Em Dub Design worked as a sub-consultant to CWC Consulting Group to assist with landscape and irrigation design for landscape open space/tracts and a centralized park parcel.  Em Dub assisted CWC and coordinated with the McWhinny development review team to produce a unified identity to the landscape buffers and create a centralized park. 

The centralized park tract was designed as a focal point for the primary entrance to the community and to be multi-generational in appeal. Included within the park design is a meandering loop walk for passive walking/exercise. The looped walk surrounds an open play-turf area large enough for multiple outdoor games.  Also offset from the play field is an accessible play structure surrounded by trees that will provide ample shade creating a respite from the Colorado sun while still engaging in the park activities. Lastly, the play structure has direct access to a picnic shelter and other bench seating providing plenty of areas for future residents to enjoy the amenity.