Little Boxcar Park

Portfolio Categories: Project Management.


Downtown Denver, Colorado (Intersections of Broadway, Lawrence Street and 24th Street)


City and County of Denver, Department of Parks and Recreation


October 2014

Project Overview:

Contract project managed the design and construction of the $250k renovation of the hardscape sculpture park in Downtown Denver which contains one in a series of three public art pieces. This space was challenged by its excess of concrete and lack of function as a park, leading to misuses by gangs, drug related crime, and un-programmed mass feedings for the homeless, contributing to excessive amounts of debris and maintenance. Services included oversight of design and construction, and facilitation of numerous stakeholders through public meetings and communications to develop the proposed solution then garner support. Through a fast paced nine month period, the space was taken from a hardscape triangle and transformed into a much-needed off-leash dog run integrating the public art piece and creating a revitalized urban park and streetscape.