Happy Canyon Creek Stream Corridor Restoration

Portfolio Categories: Design and Park, Open Space & Municipal.


Douglas County, Colorado


Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, Douglas County


Fall 2011

Project Overview:

Worked closely with clients, engineers, the homeowner’s association, and numerous neighbors in the design and development of a plan to stabilize and re-vegetate the heavily degraded Happy Canyon Creek in the Surrey Ridge neighborhood of Douglas County. The resulting solution improved the stream’s ability to manage flood flows, encourages healthy riparian habitat, and enhances overall water quality by incorporating a series of sculpted concrete drop structures and settling pools. This also created an opportunity to enhance the ecological diversity of the site and re-introduce habitat for fish and wildlife that had been lost. Community amenities were also improved by sharing the maintenance access needs with a multi-purpose walking and equestrian tail bringing residents to the previously inaccessible stream corridor. (Work completed under Valerian, LLC)

Dear Matt - I just wanted to personally thank you for all your efforts on the Happy Canyon Creek Stabilization project in Surrey Ridge. I feel fortunate that I got the opportunity to work with you and get to know you during the course of this project. Your efforts in developing the landscape construction drawings and assistance in developing the contract documents along with your construction oversight really helped us complete the project successfully. I have received a number of compliments from the residents of Surrey Ridge... It was really a pleasure to work with you on this project and I look forward to working with you on future projects. - Brad Robenstein, P.E., Drainage and Flood Control Engineer, Douglas County, Colorado