Coyote Gulch Stream Corridor Restoration

Portfolio Categories: Design and Park, Open Space & Municipal.


Bear Creek Lake Park, Jefferson County, Colorado


City of Lakewood, Jefferson County, Urban Drainage Flood Control District, and US Army Corps of Engineers



Project Description:

Denver Council of Regional Governments award winning restoration of Coyote gulch as it enters into Bear Creek Lake. Stream degradation was contributing excessive nutrients and organics into Bear Creek Lake. Worked closely with partnering engineering firm and multiple clients to develop a stream channel restoration consisting of multiple boulder drop structures and settling pools with ecological planting design to stabilize the edges and provide water quality enhancements. The trail network wrapping the lake was also incorporated into the design and provides for a natural boulder stream crossing, a boulder retaining/seating wall, and a series of four educational signs on natural system impacts around the project. (Work completed under Valerian, LLC)

DRCOG Bronze Award 2008 for Planning with Vision