Benedict Park Place Improvements

Portfolio Categories: Design and Park, Open Space & Municipal.


Benedict Park Place, 305 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205


Denver Housing Authority (DHA)


Design complete; construction underway

Project Overview:

Em Dub Design was hired to work with Denver Housing Authority (DHA), residents of the Thomas F. Bean Tower, and neighbors/stakeholders to enhance DHA’s Benedict Park Place site. Based on surveys, public input/review sessions, and working sessions with DHA and the community, Em Dub developed a final design that incorporated a new turf area, pergola with shaded seating and picnic tables with chess/checker board inserts, community information kiosk, plant material salvaged from DHA’s Mood Dog Garden across the street, and buffer plantings between the Cleo Parker Robinson building and the turf area. Additionally, Em Dub designed community garden plots for residents of the Thomas F. Bean Tower and a shade structure over the existing amphitheater seating.